The Cultural Cup Food Bank was founded in June 2003 and opened its doors in          November 2003, with the support of the local community. The founder, Zarinah        Awad had been actively providing emergency assistance to needy Muslim families    in the community since the late 1980's. With the help of private donations,                  Zarinah had been able to help these families from the privacy of her own home.

   The Idea came to her to open her own food bank years before; when she herself      had to use a food  bank  to make ends meet. She was greeted with the attitude of      "Beggars can't be choosy"; when she  said she couldn't eat pork and most of the      food in the box had pork in it. Once she got back on her  feet, she was determined    to make sure that no other Muslim or person would be treated that way in  her          community again.

   So with a few calls and emails to her friends in the community, her "Dream" came      true. Two business  men in the Muslim community came to her and told her they        would help, by finding a building and  paying the  required costs to start up. Once      the news spread about the food bank, the donations and  help started coming in.

   The food bank has grown to be a resource for thousands of families and                      individuals in Central Phoenix as well as other parts of Maricopa County. Today        the Cultural Cup Food Bank is one of the busiest partners of St Mary’s Food Bank    Alliance in central Arizona. CCFB and its Staff are proud of the accomplishments      it have been made over the years and will continue to develop new programs to        meet the needs of the community.